Global configuration

HANIF FLAT UI has a global configuration that used by each of the control interfaces. This configuration is a global variable ds_map (data structure map) ui_global_config that can be manipulated with ds_map function well.

Key default
debug_mode false
keyboard_action true
enable_keyboard true
draw_on_gui true
default_background_colour 8951296
default_foreground_colour 16777215
default_text_font -1
default_label_font -1
enable_shadow true
enable_effect true
effect_speed 8

To configure HANIF FLAT UI, you can manipulate with the function ds_map_replace(...);.

ds_map_replace (ui_global_config, "debug_mode", true)

The line of code above is used to enable debug mode or not.

Use the Draw GUI event to draw the controls. If you want to use Draw event (not GUI), configure ds_map_replace(ui_global_config, "draw_on_gui", false);

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