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HANIF CHART is an extension for Game Maker: Studio that written in GML (Game Maker Language). This extension contains several functions and macros that can help developers to create a chart easily.

HANIF CHART is not use sprites or background anymore, but it’s using built-in functions such as draw_rectangle(...), draw_circle(...) and others. This can reduced the performance of your game, especially in the memory usage, but on other side, you can reduce of resources uses. So use only as you needed.

Always use function chart_clear_all() in room end event to clear all chart properly.

All chart actually is a ds_map data structure, if you have knowledge about these ds_map functions, it will be better. You can even get controls properties with function like ds_map_find_value(...).

HANIF CHART also destroy the entire chart automaticallywhen the game is over (application terminated).

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