Update the value on the given index of a chart series with a new value.


chart_update_data(series, index, value)
Argument Description
series The series id to check.
index The index to look at.
value The new value to update the given value with.

Return: True


This function will update the value of chart series at the given index for another one.


chartBalanced = chart_create(chart_line, 32, 16, 448, 256);
usedBalanced = chart_add_series(chartBalanced, "Used Balance", c_red);

chart_add_data(usedBalanced, 203);
chart_add_data(usedBalanced, 323);
chart_add_data(usedBalanced, 202);

chart_update_data(usedBalanced, 1, 200)

The above code will update the value of the chart series "usedBalanced" on index 1 with 200.

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