Global configuration

Hanif Chart has global configuration that stored in a data structur map (ds_map) "chart_global_config". This global configuration will affect all of the chart you will create. You can set it on create event or game start event by function ds_map_replace(...).

Key Default Description
debug_mode false Enable using debug mode (true) or not (false).
default_foreground_colour 9141600 The default foreground colour for chart.
default_background_colour -1 The default background colour for chart.
enable_tootip true Enable chart tooltip (true) or not (false).
default_tootip_foreground_colour 0 The default foreground colour for chart tooltip.
default_tootip_background_colour 16777215 The default background colour for chart tooltip.
enable_legend true Enable chart legend (true) or not (false).
default_legend_position chart_bottom The position of chart legend.
default_legend_foreground_colour 9141600 The default foreground colour for chart legend.
enable_shadow true Enable using shadow (true) or not (false).
animation_speed 8 Animation speed for chart created.


ds_map_replace(chart_global_config, "debug_mode", true);
ds_map_replace(chart_global_config, "default_foreground_colour", c_red);
ds_map_replace(chart_global_config, "default_background_colour", c_yellow);

Configuring chart to use debug mode (this will draw outer line on all chart and show the error message on console window) and set the default foreground and background colour.

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