Update all value of a chart by giving json string.


chart_update_from_json(chart, json)
Argument Description
series The chart id to check.
json The json string.

Return: True


This function will update all value of chart with json string given it. This function useful if you want update chart data from another platform or API that you created.

The json string must be based on this formula.

  "data": [
      "series": "SeriesName",
      "value": 10
      "series": "SeriesName",
      "value": 20



The property with "series" name is case-sensitive and must be same with Argument "name" on function chart_add_series(...). The list number of "data" name must be same with the number of chart data (or label) and written sequentially.


company = chart_create(chart_line, 32, 16, 448, 256);

product = chart_add_series(company, "Product(s)", c_teal);
service = chart_add_series(company, "Service(s)", c_maroon);

chart_add_data(product, 24);
chart_add_data(product, 26);
chart_add_data(product, 18);

chart_add_data(service, 34);
chart_add_data(service, 28);
chart_add_data(service, 26);

var jsonString = '{"data": [
{"series": "Product(s)","value": 28},
{"series": "Product(s)","value": 27},
{"series": "Product(s)","value": 20},
{"series": "Service(s)","value": 30},
{"series": "Service(s)","value": 26},
{"series": "Service(s)","value": 18}

chart_update_from_json(company, jsonString);

The above code will update all value of the chart "company" with the json string that you has been given.

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