Create new chart handle.


chart_create(type, x, y, width, height)
Argument Description
type The type of chart
x The x position the chart will be created at.
y The y position the chart will be created at.
width The width of the chart.
height The height of the chart.

Return: Real


With this function you can create a new chart handler of the specified object at any given point within the room. This function returns a ds_map data structure which can then be stored in a variable or used to access that instance.

There are 3 type chart you can define with the following constants:

  • chart_line to crete a line chart type.
  • chart_bar to create a bar chart type.
  • chart_pie to create a pie chart type.

The following image illustrates basically how these should look:


chartBalanced = chart_create(chart_pie, 32, 16, 448, 256);

The above code creates a new line type chart and stores the id in a variable. This variable is then used to assign chart properties.

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